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Flower Software made by a Flower Company for Flower Companies

Our expertise is in Online Trading Platforms for perishable products. Meaning that the sale, order process and Logistics all had to be handled seamlessly and quickly to reach the customer in the minimum time possible. Whilst this is our base we have the skills & flexibility to cater for almost any development required by a business owner.


A CRM to house your customer information. Customer is designed to keep track of your customer’s contact details and sales information. See every interaction they have with your business as you manage their accounts.


Market to your customers & keep your web updated. Increase your website traffic and sales as you optimize pages, create blogs and create marketing campaigns to reach your current and potential customers.


Manage all your stock in one place. This solution doesn’t simply track what you have in your warehouse, it also involves finding out what your supply partners have and let them enter it to your system.


Always charge the right amount for any courier used. Our logistics management system solves your business transport operations for shipping, manages your delivery courier runs that allow you to have real-time price updates.


Process all your orders with L.I.V.E info. Increase productivity with our Packing App built to let you manage bulk orders in a properly synced manner.


Track your deliveries through this app. Achieve high order completion rate with our Delivery Solution that helps streamline the product delivery process from start to finish.

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Digital Door has a team of web designers and developers that are equipped with the skills and talent to deliver a website solution for your business at a competitive cost.

Why Engage with Digital Door?

No matter if you are looking for Software, Digital Marketing, Business Process Optimisation or are in need of Business Advice our team has the team members that have the skills to make you the bills. (Ok a little corny but we do try and have fun in what we do too)
Why Engage with Digital Door?
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