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Software Development Company Integrated with Digital Marketing Experts

Purpose > Who We Are

Digital Door is passionate about providing end-to-end solutions for your business. We have proudly built a system integrated with digital marketing that can increase your business’ efficiency and profitability by streamlining day-to-day operations, which your staff and customers will love to use. Digital Door is built with passion and drive for innovation. Here are some 

Personality > Passionate, Reliable, Innovative  

In everything we do, we work with our hearts and soul. Behind every code, every word, and every interaction, there’s a passionate individual, and that passion for innovation sets us apart from other companies.

Tone > Clear, Savvy, and Human

We are experts in the field of software and digital solutions, and we want to make our purpose transparent and honest to clients that are unfamiliar with the field. We work hard to earn clients’ trust by providing clear and simple digital solutions and insights. No jargon is included.

About Digital Door

Digital Door is a proudly agile & innovative Australian digital company, and its foundation in Australia’s largest perishable online market means that not only are its solutions and service delivery forged on speed and accuracy, but it’s also part of the company's DNA.

What makes Digital Door different from all the other software and digital companies?

It's best explained by looking at how Digital Door came to be.

Nicki decided that together with the genius programming brain that he had worked with over the past 7 years, he had skills that could be utilized by any business needing more customers, better engagement, and higher profits through efficient operations through software tools.

We constantly recruit people smarter than ourselves in their chosen fields of specialty. We call them ninjas.

Our Co-Founders are Ninjas.

Sergi is a programming ninja, which Nicki calls a genius-level programmer. Nicki is a business strategy, process, and efficiency ninja whose mission is to find efficiency everywhere.

Our Digital Ninja Tal has been a digital marketing force with our founders for over 5 years. Her digital specialist skills are founded in the dark arts of SEO (search engine optimization), making her a lethal digital marketer.

Our SEO ninja Nerdro actually loves rankings and organic reach stats almost as much as his children.

Leo, our Design and Implementation Ninja, has experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur in the printing industry. Loving design and promotions is the foundation for Leo’s account management drive.

We also have more ninjas in training in our teams every day, evolving their skills under the watchful eye of our master ninjas. 

Homegrown development is the key to consistency.


Nicki Christensen

Nicki Christensen

Cofounder and Sales Director

Sergi Ortiz Gomez

Sergi Ortiz Gomez

Master of Hardwork

Daniel Rosas

Daniel Rosas

Backend Developper

Abigail Huertas

Abigail Huertas

Front End

Tal Miranda

Tal Miranda

Digital Content Manager

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