How DDLive Platform Solves Major Wholesale Business Challenges

Software is pointless unless it offers you real and tangible benefits for your company. Digital Door has developed a 6-key cloud module, which we call the DDLive Platform, that covers the whole scale of product fulfilment in any industry.

Online trading platforms for perishable products are our area of expertise. In order to reach the consumer in the shortest amount of time feasible, the sale, order procedure, and logistics all had to be done promptly and seamlessly. Although this is our starting point, we have the abilities and adaptability to handle practically any development a business owner may need.

What is the DDLive Platform?


How does it work, and what advantages does it have for solving major wholesale trade challenges?

DDLive Platform is a software-as-a-service solution integrated with eCommerce, CRM, inventory, delivery tracking, and a POS (Point-Of-Sale) system. It is available for any wholesaler who deals with perishable products. 

DDLive Platform started out as flower software for a flower company, and it continually develops into a system that is flexible for all types of industries. Let's get into details and see how every module inside the DDLive platform can benefit your wholesale business.

One of the biggest advantages we have is that it's all stored in a cloud. This means that you can access your company's data, anywhere, anytime.

1. Manage Customers with Customer Cloud

This key module is where you may store your customer data. Customer Cloud is made to keep track of your customers' contact information and purchase history. You may manage their accounts while keeping track of every engagement they have with your company. So it's registering a customer, entering delivery information, looking up invoices, and looking up orders. et cetera...

It is stronger than a typical CRM. Customers Cloud can be managed down to the individual level, and their individuality can be captured and matched with your marketing or commercial objectives.

Get helpful tools including a financial snapshot, the option to view recent open orders and completed purchases, and comparisons of the past week, month, and year to highlight patterns.


2. Manage Web Pages and Send Emails & SMS to customers through Marketing Cloud

The new way to sell is online. Your e-commerce website keeps serving your customers without missing a beat. The Marketing Cloud lets you manage your website pages and optimize them according to SEO's best practices. You can also use it to create campaigns and send email and SMS blasts to your customers. 


Your e-commerce website also comes with a blog page. Through the Marketing Cloud, you can add, edit, and delete blog pages. Blogs are a great way to increase reach and web traffic, increasing the visibility of your website and hopefully generating more sales.

3. Simplified Stock Management with Warehouse Cloud

This module aims to avoid financial loss due to poor stock management. With Warehouse Cloud, you can track and access information about stock age, rotation, order numbering, and other factors in real-time.

This module's strength lies in how easily it enables input from supply partners, who may then directly enter an invoice before sending it to you. 


This module includes a simple screen for managing your expected stock arriving today, as well as the ability to move the arrival date with a single click, which automatically adjusts customer purchases affected by the change. 

It saves you time (and sanity) with invoices and other stuff happening around stock management, which happens every day, week, month, and so on.

4. Manage multi-courier relationships with LMS Cloud

Logistics Management System (or LMS as we call it) solves every courier challenge by offering multiple delivery options to customers, who in return will be more likely to buy from you more often because of the easy buying process.


LMS Cloud provides your customers with answers to crucial questions like "When will it arrive?", "By which courier?", and "How much will it cost me?". Making logistics management one of your organization's critical success factors

Overall, system modules provide essential functionality that is required for businesses to operate efficiently and securely. By understanding how each module works and how it can benefit a business, companies can make better use of their computer systems and improve their operations.

Are you a flower wholesaler?

Let the DDLIVE Platform change the way your business works. You can automate your business to the point where you have total control of pretty much everything. It sounds like a presumptuous comment, doesn't it? I mean, who are we to make such a big statement?

How do we have the confidence to know that we can take your traditional flower wholesale business, one that relies on sales reps, front counter market floor sales, manual packing and order steps, and is fully reliant on staff, and then implement our DDLIVE platform and immediately save you labour, create more time for you, and give you control?

It's simple. We've done it in our own flower wholesale business before we morphed into Digital Door. Our co-founder Nicki owned FLOWERHUB with his wife Milly & they are 3rd and 4th generation flower people. If you have something inside you that prompts you and niggles at you that there has to be a more efficient or better way, get in touch with us today. It could be the best move you make this year.

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