More Web Traffic means More Customers

More Web Traffic means More Customers

We don't only let you rank well on Google. We bring quality traffic right to your website. Search Engine Optimisation brings you more and more customers in the form of web traffic that generates revenue.
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How Search Engine Optimisation Boosts Online Presence

Any successful online marketing strategy has SEO as an essential part of the plan. Search Engine Optimisation may sound baffling to some business owners but once you understand how SEO helps in achieving a successful online marketing strategy, then you'll be on your way to having a profitable online business.

SEO improves your website and helps it rank on the search engine results pages (a.k.a. SERPs) for relevant searches. With the right strategies, your business can consistently rank highly.

Digital Door can help you develop an adaptable SEO plan, and identify the most effective keywords for your website. We aim to get your brand and website up in the SERPs to reach relevant users and attract prospective customers to your business.

Also, we provide you with data and reports that can help you see and understand what matters to your business.

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Get on First-page Search Results

When you rank your page well in search engines, your potential customers are more likely to trust what you have to say and buy from you. Our #1 goal is to show your website on top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which means your website will rank higher, get more visitors, and be seen more often.

Keyword Research

Develop a plan with a list of high-volume and high-potential keywords that will enable your website to rank in the organic search results. Keyword research will help improve your current ranking position and expand your market reach.

On page optimisation

Focuses on improving your website’s quality, relevance, and authority by improving the quality of your website’s content and the optimization of your website’s pages. On-page SEO involves several different strategies and tactics to enhance the visibility and ranking of your web pages and content in search results.

Local Listing Services

Local business listings are a great way to improve the relevance and authority of your website’s content because these listings provide web searchers with information about the businesses they are looking for, which helps to improve your rankings.

Link Building

Acquire quality links from from relevan websites to help your business’ website appear higher in the organic search results which in turn can generate more traffic and leads.

SEO Website Audit

A comprehensive SEO audit to your website. We will review your on-page and off-page SEO, along with a backlink profile, to provide you with a customised report. Our SEO website audit includes on-page and off-page optimization, a link building strategy, a keyword analysis, and a review of your site’s link profile.

Rank #1 on Google

Let’s start getting above the competitors and stand out from the noise. Our SEO experts have proven strategies that delivered amazing results!
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SEO - It's just a fancy way of saying "How you show up when people google you”

It normally takes around 6 months for any SEO strategy to really start providing dependable results. SEO is not a quick fix or a 1-time purchase and then stop. Not if you are serious about showing up in search.
(Beware of the quick fix schemes offering you page 1 in 30 days)

*For the most accurate recommendation and quote for your business needs, please contact us for a consultation,.


Bare Minimum


Show up in More Searches


Serious about being found!


a day


a day


a day






  • Show up in the basic keywords people will use
  • Show up in most ways people would be looking for what you do
  • Show up in lots of search by covering a lot more search terms
  • Covers your small website
  • Covers an average sized website
  • Covers a larger website
  • We’ll analyse your site & get you a report on where you are at now & where you can gain customers
  • + we will work to increase website speed.
  • + we will make your website the fastest it can be + Back end of website code optimization
  • Keep an eye on your main competitor & how you rank against them
  • + up to 3 competitors
  • + up to 5 competitors
    • Success Dashboard -Updated Monthly
    • Success Dashboard -Updated Monthly

    For the left Brainers, here's the techie stuff that will be provided

    Services Included


    (Entry-level management)


    (Best for Small Businesses)


    (Best for Medium-sized to Corporate Businesses)
    Focus Keywords
    Up to 10
    (Narrow Search Capability)
    Up to 50
    (Increased Organic Search Show Up)
    Up to 100
    (Products/Service Show Up in more search)
    Optimized Keyphrases
    Up to 50
    Up to 100
    Up to 200
    No. of Pages to Optimize
    Up to 10
    Up to 50
    Full Website
    Title Tags and Meta Description Optimization
    Local & Branding Backlinks
    (Inbound Links)
    Backlinks (Inbound Links) coming from authoritative domains
    (Focus Keywords, Local and Branding Keywords)
    Back end code optimization
    Schema Markup
    (Shows enhanced description on search results)
    Website Speed Optimization
    Google Local Listing
    Custom LIVE Success Dashboard
    Rank Progress Reports
    Technical Website Analysis & Opportunity Report
    Monitor competitors' search rankings on a monthly basis
    Dedicated SEO
    Setup Fee
    Initial Investment - 1st Month only
    On going monthly management cost

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    • Marketing Plan & Custom-tailored SEO Campaign

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