BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor - The Powerful and Versatile Rich Text Editor You Need

by Digital Door | Thursday, 17 August 2023
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Image BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor - The Powerful and Versatile Rich Text Editor You Need

BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor is a powerful rich text editor that can be easily integrated into any Blazor application. It provides a sleek and intuitive user interface that allows users to easily format text, insert media, and much more. This component is built using the Blazor framework, which means that it is fully compatible with all Blazor features and can be used in both server-side and client-side Blazor applications.

This is a concise description of a rich text editor for Blazor Server or Blazor WebAssembly applications. The editor is designed to provide a user-friendly interface for formatting text and creating content. It is built on top of the popular JavaScript library Quill, which provides a robust set of features for editing text.

Key Features

This rich text editor offers several benefits and advantages that make it a valuable tool for content creation and editing. Here are some of these benefits and advantages:


  • Streamlines the process of creating and editing content, saving time and improving productivity.
  • Offers an intuitive interface and powerful features for formatting text, adding images, and inserting links.


  • Designed to work seamlessly with both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly applications, making it a versatile tool for any project.

This rich text editor is an excellent choice for Blazor developers who need a user-friendly, powerful, and customizable tool for editing rich text content. Its extensive range of features ensures that it can meet the needs of a wide variety of users, regardless of their skill level or specific requirements.

How to Use

To use BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor in your Blazor application, simply follow these steps:

Install the Package

To install the BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor package, you can use the following Nugget installation command:

Alternatively, you can clone the repository from GitHub and add the project to your solution. Once you have the package installed or added to your solution, you can use the component to display a rich text editor anywhere in your Blazor application.

For example, to add the component to a page, you would include the following code:

Source: drualcman

This will render the rich text editor component on the page, allowing users to easily format text, insert images and links, and more.

Overall, installing and using this rich text editor is straightforward and can greatly enhance the functionality of your Blazor application. Whether you choose to install it via Nugget or by cloning the repository, you'll be able to quickly integrate it into your project and take advantage of its extensive set of features.

Additional Features

'The rich text editor comes with several additional features that can enhance its functionality and usability. Here are descriptions of each of these features:

  • Disable paste images: This feature allows you to prevent users from pasting base64-encoded images into the document. This can be useful if you want to avoid bloating the size of the document or if you have security concerns.
  • Show/Hide Images button: This feature provides users with the ability to insert images into the document. You can choose to enable or disable this feature depending on your needs.
  • Custom image upload API: This feature allows you to use your own API for uploading images into the document. This can be useful if you have specific requirements for image uploading or if you want to integrate the rich text editor with other parts of your application.
  • Show/Hide Save button: This feature adds a "Save" button to the menu, allowing users to save their changes to the document. You can choose to enable or disable this feature depending on your needs.

Overall, these additional features provide a range of options for customizing the behavior and appearance of the rich text editor. Whether you need to restrict image pasting, customize image uploading, or add a save button, this editor has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Upload Images Delegate

You will receive an object from the editor like this:

Source: drualcman

You need to create a Task that returns a string with the URL where the uploaded image is located. If you don't return a URL and instead return string.Empty, the editor will add the image to the document as a base64-encoded image. However, you can also manage the image by registering it in a database, for example.

Hide Upload and Paste Image Buttons

If you want to hide the buttons for uploading or pasting images, you can set the HideImageButton and AvoidPasteImages properties to true.

Use an External Save Button

If you want to use an external save button, it's recommended to set the HideSaveButton property to true to avoid confusing the user with two save buttons, one inside and one outside the editor.

Overview of the BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor

BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor is a top-notch rich text editor for Blazor applications, with a sleek and intuitive user interface. It provides an extensive set of features that allow users to easily format text, insert media, and more. With its high level of customization, this editor is versatile enough to meet the needs of any Blazor developer.

One of the key features of this rich text editor is its ability to work seamlessly with both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly applications. This makes it a valuable tool for developers who want to create consistent user experiences across different types of Blazor projects.

Another great feature of this editor is its range of customization options. Developers can modify the behaviour and appearance of the editor to suit their specific needs, whether they need to restrict image pasting or add custom plugins.

Overall, if you're looking for a powerful and flexible rich text editor for your Blazor application, look no further than BlazorBasics.RichTextEditor. Its extensive set of features and ease of use make it an excellent choice for content creation and editing in any Blazor project.

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