Understanding DDLive Support Ticket Levels and State

by Digital Door | Thursday, 24 November 2022
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Image Understanding DDLive Support Ticket Levels and State

When you report a problem, the ticket level indicates the urgency of the submitted ticket. As the Digital Door team review your ticket, they set it in an appropriate state for you to track the progress of your problem reports.

To achieve high levels of efficiency in attending to your tickets, here are some details to help you understand what ticket levels are when reporting a problem and the states, along with their meaning and description.

Ticket Levels

Refer to these ticket levels when reporting a problem. This ticket matrix helps the support team understand how to prioritize your tickets. Below are the prioritization levels and their meaning:

  • Emergency
    Tickets marked as Emergency are critical money issues (ie. issues in capturing money from the public shop or cloud), the website is down, or any issues that will cause devastating consequences. This kind of ticket should be done as soon as possible.
  • Urgent
    Urgent tickets are critical issues that may stop a user from working on the cloud. (ie. Getting an exception error or no response after clicking a button). This kind of ticket should be resolved within a day.
  • High
    High-level tickets are issues that don’t prevent users from using the cloud or any feature. This means you can still continue to work on the cloud but require a quick response regardless. Usually, this type of ticket should be resolved within a day or two.
  • Normal
    Tickets marked as normal can be issues or questions from users of the cloud that are not actively working on it. Normal tickets can also contain user feedback that doesn’t require an immediate response.
  • Responsive View
    Responsive View tickets are any issues in accessing a button, or if something is missing from a page when using a different device. These issues are usually because of the Responsive Web design, which means that we need to adjust the resizing of a page to perfectly fit the view of a certain device.
  • User Interface
    User interface tickets are issues or requests when it comes to the appearance of a page to a user. This ticket can be a request to change certain wording or questions on how to use buttons etc…
  • Request
    Request tickets should contain general feedback or questions on how to use the cloud or the website.
  • Suggest
    Suggest tickets are like a suggestions box. If you have any suggestions on the cloud or website. (ie. add-on feature, wording/messaging suggestions, design change) 

Ticket Status (State)

We provide a brief description called “State” to outline the process and let you know what is happening after a ticket is created. Refer to this to have a clear understanding of the processes and actions the support team need to take to resolve a ticket:


Ticket State


This is the default status of a ticket when it gets created.

The ticket has been attended to and was escalated to the appropriate staff to work on the request.

The staff is investigating the issue and reproducing the error on their end to start working on a solution.

The staff is getting more information from the user to resolve an issue.

The investigation was done and information was collected. The staff is working on the solution.

Resolution to the issue/request was done and is pending approval from the support team leader. 

The resolution was counter-checked and waiting to be released on the live cloud or website.

The ticket has reached the final stage and is now working on the live cloud or website. No more action is required. This will automatically close the ticket.

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Understanding DDLive Support Ticket Levels and State

The report ticket level denotes the severity of the submitted ticket. As the Digital Door team reviews your ticket, they mark it as complete so that you can track the progress of your problem reports. Let's understand the process.

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